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The NEW Krystol Leak Repair Kit (K-510-KIT) conveniently combines Krystol Plug, Krystol Repair Grout and Krystol T1 with kit specific application instructions, measuring cups and a crack depth measuring gauge. This kit provides enough material to treat approximately 6 meters (20 feet)** of leaking cracks, holes or joints, as well as offers an easy low risk way for contractors to try the best waterproofing repair products available.  

With cost and performance benefits over injection systems, the Krystol Leak Repair System puts more profits in the contractor's pockets, while providing a permanent waterproofing solution - even against high water flow and pressure.  

Kryton's Leak Repair system is the easiest and most reliable repair system available. It uses Kryton's Krystol crystalline technology, which reacts with water and unhydrated cement particles to grow needle-shape crystals within the concrete. These insoluble crystals block capillary pores and fill cracks to stop the ingress of water and make the concrete itself a permanent waterproof barrier.  

Application is simple, and made easier due to a QR code placed on the packaging linking to the Leak Repair Video. QR Reader apps are easily downloaded for free to any smartphone.  

The Krystol Leak Repair system is not complicated, and requires only basic, readily available tools to install the system. These tools are highlighted in the kit specific application instructions.  

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**based on the recommended 40mm x 25 mm chase