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IPCO UNIDRILL hottap tool

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The IPCO-UNIDRILL® is an universal, unique and compact hottap tool for all sorts of water- gas- and other pressurised mains. It is possible to drill cast- and ductile iron, steel, asbestos, plastic and more pipe materials both quickly and economically with only one tool.

Within the IPCO-UNIDRILL® range, it is also possible to place a plug into the ferrule, whilst under pressure. All these features can be preformed, without to much effort from the operator. The smart design and the robust but light tool, make the IPCO-UNIDRILL® a really universal hottap tool, that can be operated easy and light. As long as there is a threaded connection, all kind of house connections, saddles, ferrules, etc. can be drilled.

For more information call +31 (0)78 65 21 888 or send an email to info@ipco.nl.